How to refund an user?

API-money allows a user to be refunded following a cash-in (deposit) or following a transfer to another wallet.

The money deposited by CB or transferred is then fully returned to him (to his bank account or to his wallet) and your commissions are automatically cancelled.

It is possible to partially or fully refund a user via the API-Money dashboard by following these links:

– Test platform:
– Production platform:

For refunds via dashboard, you will need to go to the Cash-in you want to refund and click on the “Refund” button.

You can also make refunds via an API request:

PUT /transactions/TX-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX/refund

See: API-money | Documentation

Please note that a refund is only possible when a cash-in is in the “Confirmed” state or if it has already been partially refunded.