When and how to receive commissions?

With API-money, you can set your own commissions, depending on the business model you want to offer your users, during cash-in (deposit), transfers between wallet and cash-out (withdrawal) transactions.

These commissions feed your own commission wallet, the amount of which you can recover (from a minimum of €20) at any time via the API and you will thus be credited to your bank account within 2 to 3 working days.

To recover commissions, you will need your wallet ID, available on the API-Money dashboard in the "Wallets" tab of the "Partner" section and your Bank Account ID located in the "Banking Data" tab available via the following links:

– Test platform: https://test-emoney-services.w-ha.com/dashboard/#/login
– Production platform: https://emoney-services.w-ha.com/dashboard/#/login
You will then have to make a Cash-out request

POST /cash-out (see documentation)

In particular, you retrieve a transaction identifier, in the form: TX-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Be careful, the cash-out will have the To Validate status once you have made the request.

For the test platform, you will have to go through the API-Money support.

For the production platform, validations are managed by our teams, you do not need to ask us.